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about us

Home Sweet Host is a Sonoma County, California based business dedicated to managing and operating your Short Term Vacation Rental.


We serve Sonoma county and beyond; San Francisco, Marin County and beyond.

Our mission is to help you reach new levels of income as we take care of your guests and maintain your property to high standards. We have years of experience in customer service and STR property management.


Prior to Home Sweet Host and over the last 7 years, we successfully managed at another local STR company to perfect what guests want and how to help each host succeed and profit.


We are trustworthy, reliable and keen on customer service.

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why home sweet host?

  • Friendly service through and through = Happy Guests & Happy Hosts
  • Quick response rate to Guest's inquiries = a better chance at getting super host status
  • Vetting Guests to ensure they are a good match for your home = more respectful guests
  • Restocking consumable supplies and checking for damage = less complaints and airbnb claims
  • Optimization of your listing and calendar = puts your listing towards the top of the search
  • Revenue optimization, if you make good profits, so do we = the delicate balance of Happy Guests & Happy Hosts
  • It's your home, if you need it, feel free to use it = we encourage you to use your home
  • No long term contract commitments = We want you to be happy, we understand if we're not a good fit
All of these are the formula to welcoming happy guests and obtaining Super Host status.

Frequently asked questions

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