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What to expect 

what to expect when turning your home
into ashort term vacation rental

It’s important to know that while there are significant upsides of choosing to be a short
term rental host (increased $$$!), there are also some downsides we’d like to make you aware

Revenue fluctuations

Over one year, short-term properties make significantly more than long-term
leases. However, during slow months (November - March), you might earn less
than you would with a long-term tenant. This is more than made up for during
busier months (April - October).


Depending on your specific location, you can expect occupancy to fluctuate from
50% in slower months to 90%+ in busier months. Additionally, if you start off in
the summer months, you can expect your first reservation within 1-2 weeks of
your listing being published. But if you start in November, you can expect your
first reservation in 3-4 weeks.

Wear & tear

Your home will experience more wear and tear due to many guests using your
property. This includes walls, furniture, or floor scuffs, paint chips, dead plants
(guests don’t tend to water), furniture and decorative items not in the exact spot
they were left. Home Sweet Host does not take responsibility for or charge guests for
normal wear and tear.


The vast, vast, vast majority of guests are just like you and me, respectful! But,
you can expect broken glassware (most notably wine glasses), dishware, and
occasionally appliances. Home Sweet Host does not charge a guest for reimbursement
unless the breakage is excessive ($50+)

Increase in trash and utilities

Due to the increased usage of your property, you will want to get the larger-sized
recycling & garbage cans. We do our best to request proper sorting of trash &
recycling but it is very hard to enforce. Depending on occupancy and month, utilities likely will increase, guests usually aren’t as conscientious about usage as
you are.


It’s not required that you inform your neighbors of your intention to short term
rent, but it doesn’t hurt, especially if you have a good relationship. Home Sweet Host
makes an effort to inform the guests of nighttime quiet policies numerous times
throughout the reservation process, so guests will be informed!

Most common maintenance issues

○ Clogged/leaking toilets and drains
○ Broken appliances
○ Broken handles, doorknobs, and fixtures that get a lot of use
○ Burned out bulbs
○ Ants, insects, and vermin
○ Wi-fi and cable issues (Please thoroughly fill out our Listing Info Form!)


Household items that will need replacing and when

Glassware and dish ware - Every 18 months
Keyless entry: Every 6-12 months
Smoke Detectors: Every 6-12 months
CO Monitors: Every 12 months
Remotes: Every 12 months

Light Bulbs: Every 6-12 months

Pillows: Every 12 months


● Information that you should know about Short Term Rental laws in Sonoma County


● Other reminders

○ Remove valuables
○ Remove high maintenance plants, instead purchase greenery that doesn’t need
to be watered often or at all
○ Purchase a mattress protector for each bed (See checklist)
○ Ensure all amenities and appliances are working


Home Sweet Host provides the most extensive, hands-on experience of any short-term Airbnb property
management company. We encourage you to ask questions until you’re familiar with the
process. Please reach out for anything!

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